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VETO is an exciting and engaging card-based game for players to develop their knowledge and critical thinking skills. The first version is a marketing-based game with concepts in branding, advertising, retail management, international marketing, market research, consumer behavior and more!

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How To Play

How do you get your team to say BRAND?

You cannot use name, symbol, differentiator, promise or identity. These are VETO words that can’t be mentioned!

You have to think quickly without using VETO word or else you will lose a point!

So, you might say:

  • Nike, Pepsi, Gucci are all …?
  • A product manufactured by a company can be called a …?
  • The seller has put a … on the jacket that he manufactures?

As you call out the clues, your teammates can shout out the answers. Before playing read the rules. Not to do so would be VETO!


16 YEARS TO ADULTS: Students, Marketing Professionals, and enthusiasts!


4 or more players

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The marketing version contains 150 cards with 300 concepts in marketing, branding, research and electives


Rohit Lalwani

Rohit is a start-up enthusiast, failed entrepreneur, mentor, academician, and more. His professional journey has comprised of working with corporates, universities, incubators, family businesses, and many start-ups.

VETO is built from his experience of teaching management graduates and training corporates to build their skills engagingly. Rohit and his students plan to create more versions for various domains and enterprises!

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